クリシェル☆kich (torakiss) wrote,


female. 92-line. philippines.

a dreamer who delights in the often unnoticed simple things in life, who writes more often than she talks, who loves a bit of everything a little too much.

92-line。 scorsagiun。

born in the year of the monkey, on a day that borders the astrological signs of scorpio and sagitarrius.


with a mixture of 1/8 Chinese and 1/8 Spanish. Cebuana and Ilongga.


blood type is ab+; although there is no definite scientific relationship between behavior and blood type, perhaps this may give some people a view on how really weird and random she is.


one who is easily attracted to people with nice personalities, regardless of gender (straight, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc.). this is apparent in her willingness to love her dearest oppa or unnie or oneechan or jailbait, even if they turn out to be gay, or still straight, or okay for both, or are willing to go beyond what is mentioned.

she likes to believe that love knows no boundaries; that age difference or height difference or racial difference or anything similar is really beautiful.

one glitch though, she is a little afraid of getting herself in a romantic relationship. and she will never ship idols with herself (because shipping couples is easier than involving herself in one).


an idealist, who relies too much on her feelings especially when making decisions, like how the consequences of her choices and actions would affect her mood and vice versa.

Type 5 (4 Wing)。

an inquisitive observer, who notices the tiny details but greatly fails at looking at the larger picture of things. she pays attention to the letters and punctuation marks, that she often makes unnecessary remarks at how an author uses this or that word, at the different quotation marks used by writers online ( that “ is different from " , yes they are!!) and one who has an inherent desire to learn and improve.


fluent with both english and filipino, as these two are the official languages of her country. although you might see her using english and japanese more often online. she gets a lot of compliments that her japanese is good, but she always feels that it's not enough so she struggles to improve and learn more, alongside chinese and korean (these, with the help of her twitter friends). she's also interested in french and latin. keyboard smash, nerdtalk (engineering, physics and chemistry jargons), singlish, konglish, wasei eigo, fandom jargons, html codes, css codes and a combination of all of the above fascinate her just as much ;w;

oh she can also speak two dialects ;w;

occasional writer。

a person who writes more often than she talks, be it microblogging on twitter or writing fan fiction (with much difficulty), or just simply scribbling poetry on post-it notes, table napkins, and on the margins of books and tiny, line-free notebooks. she has been told that she should have had pursued a career in literature, but she views writing as a sort of pastime, a sanctuary of comfort and fragile dreams, and a sweet escape from the harshness of reality. although she still struggles a lot with loving what she writes.


multifandom. but usually talks about kpop and jpop. and can be very annoying with shipping her favorites to other members (and even to people outside the group concerned). kpop fandoms include tvxq, csjh the grace and exo. jpop fandoms include amuro namie and akb48. she likes these groups best, although she doesn’t limit herself to listening to these groups only.

also, she’s a big fan of clamp, if you take it that the only clamp anime that she had watched are cardcaptor sakura, magic knights rayearth, xxxholic, tsubasa chronicles; and the manga that she had read are tsubasa reservoir chronicles, xxxholic (although she has yet to finish the last few volumes) and gouhou drug (first and second volumes only though). other anime that she has watched and liked are fullmetal alchemist (brotherhood), kuroshitsuji, digimon, pokemon, the gundam saga (wing, seed and seed destiny), blood+, bleach (she’s lost interest in this series already but the first season is one of her favorites), death note, kurobasu, and k-on.


painfully introverted, socially awkward. first meetings scare her a bit. it takes quite a long time for her to be comfortable with people, and she dreads the silence that comes in between conversations, especially with those who don’t know her very well.

sometimes, she is afraid to speak the truth, because she’d rather suffer than let people leave her because of the painful words that escape her mind.

sometimes, she’s afraid of loving too much. because loving those who are close to one’s heart means letting them in and having them hurt you, in as much as the same way as they can let you hurt them. and she is not fond of hurting other people, and she’d rather bottle up the pain to herself.

she is afraid of romance. she’s afraid of failing promises and breaking commitments.

she sees the beauty of the world but greatly fails to see the good sides of herself. she is the type of person who has to be reminded that she is good enough. that she is loved. it can be annoying, but she does her best to remind herself of the people who loves her dearly whenever she feels insecure.

she loves talking to herself, and often uses the third person to refer to herself, in most cases (like this introductory post). ☺

and sometimes, she wishes that she can distinguish the intonation of written words.


music. books. cats. tigers. strawberry. calligraphy. keyboard smash. rain. petrichor. cafe and romance. milk. tea. coffee. cake. comfortable silence. back hugs. synesthesia. drabbles. poetry. japan. sakura. south korea. ancient england. candies. lights. stars. lanterns.

special thanks to 队长 for helping with the banner edit!

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